Gift Loyalty Cards through TenderCard

Why sell gift cards? Open doors to new customers Retention!
Retention! Retention! Cardholders expect retailers to offer gift cards

Increase profits If you don’t sell gift
cards to your customers others will sell them and will take your business with

You might not know... Gift Cards; not just for the
Holiday Season Birthdays are the #1 occasion for gift card purchase The
“Spring Holiday Season” includes Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Graduations
Gift cards capitalize on impulse purchases Switching from paper certificates
to plastic cards can result in 200% growth in related sales because they are
more visible and widely publicized everywhere.

Put stored value to work... Promotional marketing tool
Ad space costs more than promotional gift cards Discount cards mailed to
targeted customer group

Used as a gift with purchase Corporate
incentives Sell to companies to use as employee incentives/rewards

Prepaid Vehicle for Recurring Sales Coffee
shops, dry cleaners, auto detail, oil change programs, etc.

Store credits, returns and refunds Keeps
cash in the drawer Customer appreciation and retention Reward loyal customers

Turn customer disputes into retention
opportunities Fund Raisers Sell cards at a discount to schools & non-profits
Budgeting or Limited Expense Account Use for business spending, gas allowance
, etc.

Merchant benefits Increased sales Retain
full face value – no cash back Consumers often spend more than the card’s face

Merchant retains any unused balance
(subject to state laws)

Security Cards have no value until
activated Plastic cards are harder to counterfeit than paper certificates

Reduced costs More efficient and
cost-effective than paper

No “back room” accounting Reports generated
electronically by TenderCard

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