Mx Invoice

With MX Invoice you can quickly
invoice your customers, track
statuses, and view the history of
each invoice. Accepting credit
card payments through the
invoice app provides your
customers with an easier way to
pay, in turn making collecting
funds smooth and simple.



Invoice. Track. Collect. Easy.

Invoicing your customers is now
integrated and effortless. Simply
customize your invoice framework
with a logo, header message and
return policy then select a
customer, enter the line item
detail and click send.

Sending invoices and receiving
payments have never been easier.
The option to accept credit card
payments on a sent invoice makes
collecting funds fast and
hassle-free. Your customer is
e-mailed a link to view their
invoice and given the option to
pay with their credit card. The
payment is then automatically
collected and your customer
receives an e-mailed receipt at the
time of payment.

Track the history on each invoice
and any outstanding balances and
as payments are received the
status of the invoice adjusts

You now have access to recurring
functionality and can setup new
recurring profiles to make
collecting from your customers
super easy.

View estimated and actual
collected receivables from your
recurring plans to help with
forecasting cashflow.

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