Mail Order / Telephone Order (MOTO) Solutions

For businesses that accept customer payments through mail order (such as payments through invoice) or those that process orders over the phone and ship products to customers, like call centers, the most effective way to accept debit and credit cards is to open a Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO) merchant account.


MOTO credit card processing offers many benefits:

  • 1. No need to invest in POS hardware
  • 2. Cost-effective solution for low-volume business
  • 3. Increases cash flow and decreases administrative overhead costs by accepting payments electronically rather than manually invoicing customers and waiting for them to return a paper check for payment
  • 4. Flexibility to send transactions individually or on a daily batch basis
  • 5. Convenient online reporting available making it easy to reconcile payments


As long as you have a modem to process your transactions, EPS can quickly and easily get you set-up to accept electronic payments with easy-to-use software available for your PC.


Let ACCPC Show You The Way!

Wondering if MO/TO processing is right for your business?

Call 1-877-202-0667 for a no obligation Free Statement Analysis and see how much you can save.

MO/TO merchant account pricing*

  •   $0 Start up cost
  •   $7.50 Statement / 24/7 Customer Support
  •   Interchange + .40% + $0.10 / transaction
  •   No Monthly Minimum 

MO/TO Interchange + application
Adobe Acrobat document [3.2 MB]
MO/TO questionnaire
Merrick Internet and MOTO questionnaire [...]
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W 9
Adobe Acrobat document [250.2 KB]

* Not all merchants will qualify for this pricing


Fax completed application to 877 223 0628 with a void check

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