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Omni Vx 570 DC EMV

The VeriFone Vx 570 ( Dual Comm ) terminal is ethernet ready and comes with an integrated smart card reader packs all the performance and processing capabilities you need in your credit card machines, into a compact, ergonomic "hand-over" device that can be easily passed to customers for PIN entry.


The convenient, all-in-one design of the VeriFone Vx 570 ( Dual Comm ) combines a mag-stripe reader, smart card reader for EMV chip & pin cards, internal PIN pad, and quiet, fast thermal printer. This makes the Vx 570 ( Dual Comm ) easy to install and keeps your countertop clutter-free. And because it runs the VeriFone Verix multi-application architecture, the Vx 570 ( Dual Comm ) can support more than just electronic payment transactions.

Value-added applications like pre-paid phone cards, loyalty programs, gift cards and age verification can help improve customer service. In addition, a user-friendly ATM-style interface and large backlit display simplify clerk training and minimize costly errors. All of which makes the Vx 570 ( Dual Comm ) a smart choice for your credit card machines-today and tomorrow.


 Extraordinary Ease of Use
•Plug-and-play terminal is simple to install and even simpler to use.
•Bold, stylish profile conserves counter space and is ergonomically designed so that the terminal can easily be handed to customers for PIN entry or other input.
•Intuitive ATM-style interface, large backlit display, large keys, and easy-to-read menu prompts reduce clerk training and minimize user errors.
•Integrated, high-speed thermal printer with "clam shell" design features drop-in paper-loading, to virtually eliminate jams. A flashing LED alerts clerks to low-paper levels.  Countertop Power and Flexibility
•All-in-one design includes vertical magnetic-stripe card reader, integrated smart card reader, internal PINpad, and integrated thermal printer to support a full range of payment and value-added applications.
•32-bit processing and multi-tasking capabilities provide for maximum customer throughput.
•Exceptional graphics-handling allows you to efficiently display and print logos, graphical fonts, and character-based languages when needed.
•VeriFone's SoftPay software supports payment requirements tailored specifically for your environment—whether you run a retail shop, restaurant, or mail-order business.
•Modular design allows certain features to be field-upgraded in the future, further protecting your investment.
•Support for all VeriFone PIN pads, check readers and smart card peripherals allows you to expand options as your payment needs evolve. Expandable Architecture for Money-Making, Value-Added Applications
•VeriFone's acclaimed Verix multi-application architecture will allow you to enhance customer service and even generate additional revenue by securely supporting payment and value-added applications—such as gift cards, loyalty, advertising, and age verification—on the same terminal.
•Omni 3750 terminals running SoftPay EMV software are EMV Level 1 and Level 2 compliant, to meet the latest standards for global smart card solutions.
•Terminal protections include tamper-evident casing to resist unauthorized intrusion and a broad spectrum of software-based security features that help protect you against theft and fraud.




$275 plus S&H

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